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The Touched By Fire web gallery is open to all artists, professional or amateur, who have or are recovering from a mood disorder. Art can be for sale or for display only.

Artists must register here first before uploading their work.

1. You can submit original art works in any medium, including painting, photography, and mixed media.
2. You can display 10 works at a time. Choose your best pieces and change your selection periodically to keep your content fresh and engaging. Please be patient with our volunteers for any delays, since they must first approve uploads and information changes.
3. Due to space limitations, pages that are inactive for one year will be deleted automatically.
4. Artists set prices for their art.
5. The artist retains all copyrights to his or her work. Touched By Fire reserves nonexclusive rights to publish, reproduce, display, distribute, and show the art without added permission from you. After all, the purpose of the program is to show your work.


How do I upload my work to this website?

1. Submissions to this website must be electronic. Please make a digital image of your art, not exceeding 150 dpi and 350 kb in size but larger than 300 by 300 pixels.

2. Use the login page to submit work and fill out an information sheet. If you are new to this site, register and set up a profile first. Complete the contact information so that our administrators can contact you. You can choose to keep this private from display. Please share in 100 words or less how your mood disorder interacts with your creative work.

3. Go to the “upload new artwork” section and add your work. Review the details and confirm.


Where can I go for help?

Email us at or call 1-888-486-8236 ext. 224.


Please note:

Touched By Fire is for you, to celebrate yourself and your art.  If you need help with digitizing or uploading your work, please call on us.  If there’s something else that’s making you hesitate, get in touch with us and we will help you. You’re the reason why TBF is here.